Certified Supply Chain Management Professional – (CSCMP)™ Training Course

Get a Leg Up On the Competition and Increase Your Marketability and Value to Your Supply Chain Management Career…

Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP)™ Training Course

How to Lead Your Procurement Team AND Add Value In Your Business with Advanced Procurement Strategies

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The Supply Chain Management field is set for massive disruption, but this won’t change…

…with the forecast of driverless trucks, automation, artificial intelligence, big data and more, the Supply Chain Management field is going to experience massive changes in the next ten to twenty year (or less!).

However, the concepts and principles in effectively managing your supply chain won’t change. Especially, if you know how to apply the principles to a changing technological environment.

Do you face these Supply Chain problems?

  • You perform supply chain management job functions but don’t have any formal training (basically learning on the job)?
  • You don’t have a “system” or proper “checklist” for evaluating potential suppliers?
  • You’re worried about trying to reduce costs yet damaging quality of product/service at the same time?
  • How to you create on-going efficiency and costs savings throughout your supply chain?
  • These are just some of the problems you face on a daily basis…

The Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP)™ shows you this and more…

…our goal is to give you an overview and understanding of the supply chain, both conceptually and in practice, and to be able to identify and to take up opportunities for reducing costs and adding value.

Glad I attended…The course was presented professionally and is internationally recognised as a good course.I.F.Contract Manager-Procurement, Overseas AST Co, UAE

Imagine This…

Upon completing the Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP)™ training, you are now able to:

  • Apply a deeper understanding of supply chain concepts and their application
  • Seek and address opportunities for improvements in your supply chain
  • Critically evaluate, select and employ appropriate tools and techniques to improve the supply chain, both internally and externally
  • Demonstrate competence in the pro-active management of the supply chain
  • Enhance the performance of your supply chains in the key areas of price, cost, quality and service

Have a question? Email us at: support@ethanhathaway.com or visit the help center.

Supply Chain Management Course Curriculum Highlights

Day 1

  • Session 1: Introduction to course. Aims and objectives – agreed learning strategy 
  • Session 2: Introduction to supply chains – Case Study
  • Session 3: Understanding how supply chains operate – group task
  • Session 4: Flow in Supply Chains. Materials, Money, Information
  • Session 5: Specification and Supplier Selection – Case Study: Design of appropriate diagnostic tools and templates

Day 2

  • Session 1: Relationships in the Supply Chain, internal and external
  • Session 2: Contract Management Issues – Group Task
  • Session 3: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in Purchasing
  • Session 4: Transport across the Supply Chain
  • Session 5: Inventory Management issues within the Supply Chain – Group Task 

Day 3

  • Session 1: Materials Handling and Storage Equipment within the Supply Chain
  • Session 2: Matching Supply with Demand across the Supply Chain
  • Session 3: Environmental, Legislative and Health and Safety issues
  • Session 4: Benchmarking supply chain activities internally and externally
  • Session 5: How to improve supply chain performance
  • Session 6: Assist Participants to develop Practical Action Plans to improve specific aspects of supply chain management and thus improve and enhance their performance and contribution

*OPTIONAL: CSCMP ™ Exam (via Online): Certification exam is optional. Only if you want to get certified do you need to take the exam. Duration: approx..90 minutes.

Non-certified attendees receive a Certificate of Completion for: Supply Chain Management

***Download the course information booklet for the FULL details of what’s covered.***


Have a question? Email us at: support@ethanhathaway.com or visit the help center.

Who should enroll in the Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP) training course?

  • Purchasers
  • Buyers
  • Procurement staff
  • Supplier Managers
  • Supply Chain Consultants
  • Buyers / Senior Buyers
  • Operations Directors
  • Operations Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Business Owners / Managing Directors
  • This course is designed for all staff who undertake a role related to the supply chain. This might include personnel concerned with all aspects of supply work, including acquisition, inventory management, logistics, contracting and contract management. This is a foundation-level course and assumes little to no prior formal Supply Chain training.

Here’s what past clients say about our Supply Chain courses:

“Glad I attended…The course was presented professionally and is internationally recognised as a good course.” – I.F., Contract Manager-Procurement, Overseas AST Co, UAE

“Michael is a pro, he makes us realize the value of procurement…The course is excellent.” – B.M., Senior Procurement Engineer, Al Habtoor Leighton Group, UAE

“Frankly, it’s an awesome training course it was the most useful course I have. The case study and demonstrations of the topic is directly issued by the simplest way, thanks all.

Frankly, follow up from customer service is awesome even before registered to the course you only have to think and ask and they immediately answer.” – A.S.A.M., Procurement & Tenders Manager Assistant, PGNiG, Egypt

“Well presented by the speaker & interactive too.” – J.J., Al-Safi Dairy Co, Saudi Arabia

“What I liked most about this training course was the tender process – supplier evaluation.” – F.R., HSBC, Qatar

“It was talking about the science behind my daily procurement – which gave me insight on how to develop myself & processes from a different mindset/angle. It covered 100%+ of my expectations.” – A.R., Procurement & Logistics Engineer, Tecom Investments, UAE

“Why did I choose to attend this course? It was recommended by a colleague and senior management. Internet research proved Ethan Hathaway is a very good institute.” – T.R., Supply Chain Manager, Award Technology, UAE

“I liked this course because it covered everything from tender process, procurement and project management which is new for me.” – A.S., Technical Buyer, Oman Oil, Oman

“Extensive information provided on procurement related matters.” – P.T., Afton Chemical

“At beginning I thought it is worth coming and get myself a certificate…but after attending I am fully satisfied with knowledge and guidance provided.” – L.W., Aker Solutions


Have a question? Email us at: support@ethanhathaway.com or visit the help center.

Why Choose the CSCMP™ Designation?

There are lots of Supply Chain-related designations on the market, so why get CSCMP™ qualified?

  • Two for one value. What do I mean? The CSCMP training is designed to be aligned with other well-known supply chain qualifications and international standards on the market so by taking the CSMP certification you not only gain the CSCMP certification, but you’ll also be equipped to take other Supply Chain-related qualifications without having to take additional preparation courses. We adopt a proactive, participative and delegate-centred approach with emphasis on the practical application of the tools, techniques and templates. The creation of Action Plans by the participants has always been the experiential dimension to all our courses. We appreciate the need to ensure the learning is embedded into the fabric of the organisation and we use context – based case studies and other tasks to achieve this.
  • Belief in on-going development. Other designations only require to take a one-off course and test and you are “certified” forever without any on-going professional development requirements. While that seems great on the surface, we believe in taking the Supply Chain Management profession more seriously. We believe in a requirement to continuously keep up-to-date and adding skills to your development in order to be taken seriously as a professional. It’s why we provide all of this as part of your on-going Membership.
  • We’re not the cheapest certified training provider but we’re not the most expensive either. Let me ask you this question: “Would you rather be seen as having the lowest cost designation/certification in the industry? Or would you rather invest just a little bit more to be seen as taking your profession more seriously?” Do you think that bump in your career and income would give you the better return?

Available for In-House Training

This training course is available as an in-house training (*Available for online/virtual and in-person delivery.

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