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  • Hybrid of Face-to-Face and Online Training

How It Works

The quickest way to get you the most accurate proposal for your project, please make a note of the following:

  • Please complete and answer all the questions below (incomplete information will delay your request)
  • We require a Project Assessment Consultation session (usually via telephone) to get a detailed picture of what you want to achieve with your project and to gauge if we are a good fit to work together before we will submit a proposal to you
  • Without proper understanding and specifics of your project, we’re unable to give you an accurate proposal and quotation. Think of it as you’re building a house and you ask the architect for a “ballpark” quotation. The architect would be unable to give you a quotation without knowing: what colours do you prefer? Do you want want wood panel floors? If so, what kind of wood? Do you want marble counters? If so, where should the marble come from? etc. 
  • Thank you for your understanding

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Please answer all the below questions in the space below so we can give you an accurate proposal:

  • Proposed Course or Topic(s):
  • Proposed Dates:
  • Proposed Location (City/Country):
  • Proposed Number of Attendees:
  • Estimated Course Duration (Days):
  • What is the objective for this training (what is the end result you wish to achieve)?
  • Briefly describe the participant’s background (which departments, job functions, etc)
  • What is the level of knowledge of the participants (beginner, intermediate, advanced, mixed)?
  • What is your approximate total budget for this training (please state currency as well)?
  • Are you the key-decision maker for this training? (Yes/No)
  • Additional Comments or Information:

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