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Productivity is key in your life as a CEO and business leader. We’ve talked about it many times and have suggested numerous ways to become more productive in your own life as you lead a company.

But there is another aspect of productivity, i.e., the productivity of your co-workers. Leading them in bringing about a productive work site is a key concept for what you do as a CEO. If there is no productivity in the workplace than there is a serious lack of overall leadership.

So how do you bring about a more productive work place? For starters, you can begin with providing a work place that is conducive to, well, work. How do you do that? By providing opportunities for your co-workers to collaborate, create, and motivate one another. There is nothing more encouraging to productivity than being able to look to one another and work together. This causes people to fuel off of each other and be encouraged by the mutual work they are doing.

So, perhaps the first step of productivity is not separating your workers into anonymous cubicles where no collaboration can take place.

What are some other ways you can move people in your office to be more productive for the sake of your company? We’ve covered in the past giving them a real break room with perks in the kitchen. Whether that be drinks, snacks, or other items. These things always boost morale and cause people to want nothing more than to do their best for the company.

Read the full article here: 4 Rules For Designing A Productive Workplace

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