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This course gives you an introduction to Digital / e-Banking and shows how Digital Banking may be harnessed to the benefit of bank and customer alike.

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Certified e-Banking/Digital Specialist (CEBS)™ Digital Badge
Certified e-Banking Specialist (CEBS)™ Digital Badge

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Digital/e-Banking Course Overview

Rapid technological changes in recent years have revolutionized the way banking services and products are delivered to consumers, small businesses and corporates alike. We are all familiar with how the Internet, the Mobile-phone and Smartcards have changed our lives.

These new innovations hold great promise for banking and bank operations in both developed and emerging economies. To innovative, progressive, go-ahead banks these changes, known collectively as e-Banking (and to some as Digital Banking) hold great promise to change the way banking operations are carried out. And with that change will come new processes, procedures and business models.

On the positive side these changes present vast business opportunities for banks while on the flipside they have dramatically modified and in some cases increased many of the traditional risks associated with banking activities.

In this course we review the world of e-Banking and shows how e-Banking may be harnessed to the benefit of bank and customer alike. This course has been tailored to be equally of value in the development of e-Banking/ Digital Banking in both developed and developing economies.

Electronic banking carries its own unique characteristics, which sometimes increases and modifies some of the traditional risks associated with banking activities. These characteristics include:

  • Extraordinary speed of change related to technological and customer service innovation,
  • Universal and global nature of open electronic networks,
  • Integration of electronic banking applications with legacy computer systems,
  • Increasing dependence of banks on third parties that provide the necessary information technology on which electronic banking depends.

This training shows you how technology is changing the face of banking and how it is altering both its risk profile and business model. This technology has major positive implications for banking – for banks and their customers alike.

What People Say About Our Courses:

Informative, comprehensive and comprehensible

Informative, comprehensive and comprehensible
Chief Risk Officer, ICBC Asia, Hong Kong

Get the Course Sample Kit

  • View a sample lesson from the course
  • Get an exclusive “scholarship” offer just for viewing a sample
  • Get the detailed course info booklet

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Digital/e-Banking Course Highlights

  • The face of E-Banking
  • e-Banking Defined
  • E-Banking Innovation, Trends & Directions
  • The transition to E-Banking
  • Mobile Payments (*Updated)
  • Mobile Payments Technology (*Updated)
  • Reasons for M-Pesa’s Success
  • From M-Pesa to Apple Pay
  • Risk Management in E-Banking
  • Bank for International Settlement’s Risk Management Principles
  • Innovation in E-Banking
  • Product Development
  • Operating Strategies & Management Models
  • Examples of E-Banking Developments
  • Innovation in E-Banking: Products & Product Development Life Cycle
  • Today’s Top Mobile Banking Apps
  • Standards for Mobile Payments Acceptance
  • The Future of Bank Branch
  • The Future Is Now – E-Banking/Digital Banking
  • The Most Innovative Banks (*Updated)
  • Payments & COVID-19 (*New)

*Optional CEBS Certification Exam: if you choose to take the CEBS Certification Exam, upon successful completion of the exam, you are eligible for the CEBS designation.

Who Should Attend

This course is a must for every Banking Manager as well as all who are involved in all aspects of Electronic Banking Services including:

  • Banking Product Designers
  • National Banking Supervisors
  • Operations Risk Managers
  • Bank Operation Managers
  • Bank Retail & Corporate Customer Managers and Liaison Staff
  • Corporate Treasurers & Associated Accounting Staff
  • Internal & External Auditors

Get the Course Sample Kit

  • View a sample lesson from the course
  • Get an exclusive “scholarship” offer just for viewing a sample
  • Get the detailed course info booklet

Have a question? Email us at: [email protected] or visit the help center.

What customers say about our courses:

“I enjoyed being part of this Online-course…” – 9/10

“I enjoyed being part of this Online-course, the way of explaining things was very clear and convenient. I would highly recommend this course to my friends and collegues [sic]!” – B.E.


“What I liked most about this course: How COVID impacted payments in 2020” – B.A.

“Informative, comprehensive and comprehensible” – P.F., Chief Risk Officer, ICBC Asia, Hong Kong

“I never imagined the great impact of the operational risk on the business as a whole before attending this course…I got a lot of ideas to implement in my department / bank.” – J.G., Head of Internal Audit, Banco Nacional Ultramarino, Macau

“Well focused and relevant with good practical examples to bring out the concepts clearly. Gave a good understanding and grasp of the subject.” – S.R., President Director, Bank SBI, Indonesia

“A good comprehensive theoretical coverage with practical questions to ponder.” – W.S., TMB Bank, Thailand

“Combination of raw Basel material vs. detailed business implementation examples it gives the option of both understanding a topic and evaluating your own business implementation.

Course has met expectations in full. Cannot identify any unpleasant fact. Course is well organised, well presented and well facilitated.” – R.B., TMB Bank, Thailand

Before attending the course: “..not too much expectations, should be bit boring”…After attending:“…80% changed, lively course…what I liked most is the good scope of op risk area & well explained & illustrated of Basel II” – C.C., Enterprise Risk Manager, Coutts Bank Von Ernst, Hong Kong

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Q&A’s are at pre-scheduled times and recorded (where applicable).

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If you successfully complete the Certification Exam, you also receive:

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Our philosophy is to make YOU as valuable as can be both in your career and your employer.

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  • Digital Certificate of Completion
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  • BONUS #1: 2 x certification exam attempts (value of $200)
  • BONUS #2: If you achieve 80% or higher on exam, your first 3 months Charter Membership is included (value of $49.25)
  • Instructor Q&A



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