How to Audit Your eLearning Content & Resources

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In this guide, I share our process developed from over two decades in the training industry, for how to audit your eLearning content and resources.

Do You Find Your eLearning Content Isn’t Working Very Well? Don’t Add Any More eLearning Content Until You Take This Course…

If you have implemented eLearning/online/virtual or thinking about implementing eLearning in your business, you’ll want to take this course before you do anything else and end up making expensive mistakes.

What’s covered in guide?

In this course, I share the lessons below gained from over two decades in the training industry:

  • Why You Need to Audit Your eLearning Content BEFORE You Add or Implement Any New Learning Resources
  • The Model of Learning for the Future
  • How This ONE Mistake Can’t Be Solved with Any Amount of Training…
  • The Mistake You Might Be Making That Will Set You Up for Failure and Disappointment…
  • The Biggest Reason Learners Aren’t Consuming Your Content
  • How 9 out of 10 Companies Are Tracking the WRONG Learning Metrics
  • The Learning Metrics You Should Be Tracking
  • How and Why This Common eLearning Format Isn’t Helping Your Learners & Students
  • How to Choose the RIGHT Learning Content Format for Your Needs
  • Effective Learning is About This, Not That…
  • Why Your Tests Aren’t Working
  • How More Learning Content Isn’t Better
  • One Question About Your eLearning Resources You May Have Not Considered…
  • Our Handy EH eLearning Audit Checklist

Who Will Benefit From This Guide

  • Learning & Development Professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Department Heads
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Anyone who’s in charge of selecting and implementing eLearning, online/virtual  training courses in your company.

Let Us Pay For This Guide

You must fulfill the criteria below to be eligible for a 100% subsidy on this guide
(Regular fee USD 49): 

  • Must have a valid work/company email, we are unable to accept free email addresses for this course.
  • Ethan Hathaway reserves the right to reject and/or remove course access at our own discretion.
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