High-Performance Email Marketing

Email marketing strategies from over twenty years in the trenches

Email? Are you kidding? Who reads emails these days?

If that’s what you’re thinking right now, then go ahead and stop reading and click away…

…this course won’t be for you.


The course isn’t meant to persuade you or change your current beliefs. If you already believe email marketing is for dinosaurs and you believe it doesn’t work for you, then I won’t be trying to persuade you otherwise.


…if you believe email marketing is (still) a crucial part of ANY successful marketing strategy, then keep reading.

Still the Best Channel

Email is still one of the BEST performing channels and I don’t believe it’s going away anytime soon.


…it’s not just about writing up an email and pressing send.

There’s a distinguishable strategy between those who see great results from email marketing and those who complain that “email marketing” doesn’t work.

Designed from In-the-Trenches Experience

I developed this training on email marketing based upon my own learning and experiences from over two decades of digital marketing.

I needed something to train up my own marketers so they followed the same principles and strategies I saw that worked.

Email Marketing Course Modules


Why Email?

  • Think email is dead? Here’s why you could be making a big mistake…
  • How email drives the most successful businesses


Before You Start Emailing…

  • A look at international email marketing regulations you should be aware of…
  • Email marketing best practices


The Email Lifecycle

  • The crucial elements of email marketing broken down into individual elements


My Pillars of Email Marketing

  • The 80/20 of email marketing lessons I’ve learned and distilled from the last twenty years and more
  • How to make your email marketing successful


Email Marketing Metrics

  • Most marketers over-complicate this…
  • …the simple and important metrics to look at


Email Marketing Automation & Tools

  • A no-nonsense look at the current email marketing automation tools I use and prefer

Who Should Consider This Course?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Marketing professionals
  • Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers


  • Don’t like thinking
  • Only focus on tactics and can’t apply principles & concepts to different situations (this is not a paint by numbers course)
  • You expect magic bullets to rain money on you.

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Your Masterclass Mentor

Vincent has over two decades experience in the knowledge expert industry.

He’s helped promote knowledge experts from all over the world to a global market.

What You Get

Over Two Decades Worth of Lessons

On-demand lessons from my over two decades experience, so you can consume the lessons at your own convenience.(Value of $2,5000.00)

Content Formats

Lesson content will mostly be a combination of video lessons and long-form text.

For Q&A’s (Question & Answers), it will be a combination of text answers and recorded audio/video.

Unlimited Access

You have unlimited access to the course lessons – study at your own pace.

PLUS:For a limited-time, new clients get future updates to the course. (this will be removed in the future, but if you get in now, you’ll be locked in).

Anywhere Access

Access the course with any Internet-enabled device. No software or special requirements needed.

Get Answers

You’re eligible for Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions where you can submit any questions specific to your situation or about anything in the course.

See below for scheduled online Mentor-Access sessions.​

Q&A sessions are either recorded for you to view at your leisure OR replied via Text within the course.

It’s the closest you can get to getting personalised coaching.(Value of $7,500.00)

Digital Certificate of Completion

After completing the training, you receive a digital & printable Ethan Hathaway certificate of completion to mark your achievement.

Total Value You Receive: $10,000.00

High-Performance Email Marketing

Instance 1


For ​individual use & learning only;

Pay once; See below for multi-user/corporate plans.

 USD 197

  • On-Demand 24/7 All Access
  • Downloadable resources
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER: Unlimited Access
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER: Access to future updates
  • One user access
  • Digital certificate of completion

For Corporate Plans (multi-user access), please contact us at: support@ethanhathaway.com

Accredited By

BAC AccreditedEthan Hathaway is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as an International Centre.

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