How to Get More Business From Your Clients and Have Them Keep Coming Back to You

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Available as:

Self-Study Online
In-House Customised/Bespoke

Are you making these costly mistakes?

Let me tell you a case of this well-known CRM software company (which shall be unnamed here), they were spending thousands if not millions on try to gain new clients.

The problem was, they were losing existing clients as fast (if not faster) than they were gaining new clients. It’s what I call the “leaky bucket” syndrome.

If you don’t fix and stop the leaks (i.e. losing existing clients) in your bucket (i.e. your business), your business will not survive.

Smart companies know allocating resources to retaining clients is an absolute for business survival versus focusing solely on new client acquisitions.

That’s what our premier Client Relationship Management training program is designed for.

A word of caution…

We’ve had prospective clients try to reverse engineer our program and have their own preferred Instructors try to deliver a “poor-person’s” version of this program only to have them come back to us and admit to us what they tried but with no results. 

This ends up costing you even more because you end up running the program twice.

Would’t you rather get it done right the first time?

We have a panel of carefully vetted and selected Instructors who deliver this program around the globe.

In the past year alone, we’ve had over 1,158 unique people view this program.

There is a reason why our program is highly-sought after, the program is designed to give you the principles and concepts that last a lifetime versus easily-outdated tactics. Our program has gone through over fourteen years of iterations and getting it close to perfect as realistically possible.

This training course shows you how to establish productive relationships with your internal or external clients and customers.

How to get more business from your clients with effective client relationship management

By the end of this client relationship management course, you will be able to:

  • Establish productive relationships with your internal or external clients
  • Commit to mutual goals with the client
  • Plan for results collaboratively with the client
  • Provide ongoing support to the client
  • Assess the consulting relationship

Get the Course Sample Kit

  • View a sample lesson from the course
  • Get an exclusive “scholarship” offer just for viewing a sample
  • Get the detailed course info booklet
CRM Leads (AC)

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Client Relationship Management Training Course Highlights

The in-house training version may be tailored to your specific industry such as:

  • Financial Services
  • Private Banking
  • Professional Services
  • Enterprise selling and business development
  • Much, much more

We recommend you allocate a minimum of two-days for this training to be effective. Options are available for three days.

I. Establishing a relationship

  • Prepare for the relationship
  • Learn about the customer
  • Understand your value
  • Enter into a partnership

II. Reaching agreement

  • Understand your client’s perspective
  • Understand your own perspective
  • Identify common ground

III. Planning for results

  • Assess readiness for change
  • Facilitate planning
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities

IV. Providing support

  • Anticipate problems
  • Support client decisions
  • Productive constructive feedback

V. Assessing the relationship

  • Solicit feedback
  • Plan next steps
  • Recognise accomplishments

*NOTE: Online course may vary slightly from the live, in-person training.

Who should attend this Client Relationship Management training course?

This course is suitable for novice and experienced participants. It is designed robustly to give you both basic concepts and principles for novice participants as well as ample opportunity for experienced participants to amplify the principles and concepts through reflection on your own work experience.

  • Relationship Managers
  • Wealth Managers
  • Sales Staff
  • Business development professionals
  • Marketing Staff
  • Senior Managers
  • Coaches, Consultants, Service Professionals
  • Business Owners

What customers say about Ethan Hathaway:

“I love this class. Everything was perfect…I’ll recommend this class for every compliance manager I know.” – Y.JK., Korea Finance Corp

“It is a rich course, loads of new information and lots of interaction.” – Omar N.

“By far one of the best and most beneficial programmes I have attended…the knowledge I have gained far exceeded my expectations and will enable me to make a valuable contribution to my company.” – Inoka J.

Get the Course Sample Kit

  • View a sample lesson from the course
  • Get an exclusive “scholarship” offer just for viewing a sample
  • Get the detailed course info booklet
CRM Leads (AC)

Have a question? Email us at: or visit the help center.

What You Receive

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Anywhere Access

Access the course(s) anywhere with an Internet-enabled device. (*Our own mobile app is in the works)

Digital Certificate

Upon successful course completion, you receive a digital certificate of completion to download & print.


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Our philosophy is to make YOU as valuable as can be both in your career and your employer.

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Available for In-House Training

This training course is available as an in-house training (*Available for online/virtual and in-person delivery.

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