Lift the Cloud Over How Trade Finance Mechanisms and Products Work and Discover How to Grow Your Trade Finance Business

Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) Training Course

Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) BadgeThis training course gives you an in-depth look at international trade finance looking at products and solutions.

Here’s How You Benefit From This Trade Finance Course:

  • How to sell trade finance products by better understanding how they work and help your clients
  • Trade Finance products and solutions are explained in detail so you understand how trade finance products work inside-out
  • Gain a clear understanding of what is involved in Trade Finance
  • Understand the various payment mechanisms
  • Need to understand the key risks in any financing plan
  • The different rules & regulations that govern transactions
  • Key elements of customer trade cycle analysis are examined so you can use this effective risk assessment tool to identify customer financing needs and maximise potential monitoring and control mechanisms for the bank
  • How to balance customers’ needs and expectations with generating profitable and controllable business for your company
  • A look at how Trade Finance is an undisputable, highly remunerative and lower risk alternative to balance sheet lending
  • A highly interactive training experience incorporating a variety of case studies, many based on live files so you can see what’s worked and not worked in real-life
  • You will feel confident about using trade finance terminology
  • How to spot risk areas in trade finance for the bank so you avoid getting burned
  • How to improve credit quality and control through a greater ability to evaluate international trade finance risks and strategies
  • How to identify opportunities to win new trade finance business from customers and defend against competitive threat
  • How to use trade finance as a wedge into new relationships with competitor banks and financial institutions

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After attending this course: "I'm pretty happy and more confident to sell trade finance products.

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Certified Trade Finance Professional Training Highlights


Overview of Trade Finance

  • Principles of Trade Finance (Payment, Finance, Risk & Information)
  • Parties to a transaction
  • Roles, obligations and interests

Focus: Banks in Trade Finance

  • Core services
  • Value propositions
  • Interactions with ECA’s and others

Regulatory Context

  • UCP 600 Highlights
  • Jurisdiction
  • Compliance Issues

Transaction/Product Overview

  • Open Account
  • Collections
  • Documentary Credits
  • Standby Credits


Trade Finance & Risk

  • Overview of selected risks
  • Mitigation options

Trade Finance Products & Transactions – Detailed

  • Open Account
  • Documentary Collections
  • Transaction Workshop


Trade Finance Products & Transactions – Detailed

  • Documentary Credits (L/C’s)
  • Confirmed L/C’s
  • Transferable & Back-to-Back
  • Other Features of L/C’s


  • Observations on Financing
  • Acceptances & Discounting
  • Aval
  • Factoring & Forfaiting
  • Other Financing Mechanisms
  • Buyer/Supplier Credits

Optional Certification Exam:  Online multiple-choice questions.  Allocated time = 90 minutes on the last day of the training. You are allowed two attempts. You must achieve a score of 80% or higher to become certified.

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18 Seats Only

Only 18 seats available per session so you get more personal attention.

Reference Package

You also receive a Course Reference Kit to take away for future reference. (Value of $200.00)

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Certificate of Completion

After completing the training, you receive an Ethan Hathaway gold-embossed certificate of completion to mark your achievement.

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There are currently no scheduled public sessions for this training, however, it is available as an in-house training.

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