14 Daily Habits These Executives Say Keep Them on Top

The Business lifestyle consists of Long working hours and many sleepless nights. Those who surprise the depressing business grind rise from the top of the ashes as super stars and billionaires. Going down to hard work, this detailed list comprises of how some Top Executives keep their positions at the top through 14 Daily Habits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Their use of social media and how ahead of the curve they are on news, information and trends amazes me, and it informs me.
  • “I like to get 10 things done by 10 a.m. Not just any 10, the most important 10 things of the day. Prioritize, tackle the big one first, then go down the list.”
  • In that way, I have a handy reference of what happened or didn’t happen during the day. Any open items can be moved to the next day’s to-dos.

“There are many hard-working individuals who stay up late and get up early but I believe this actually reduces productivity and increases ineffectiveness.”


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