17 Creative Brainstorming Methods That Will Produce Brilliance

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Recording every idea, no matter the quality, can help lead you to creative solutions. Elegance is better achieved by making ideas more difficult or annoying to record because it forces you to focus on what is important and only what is important. Using a different medium or working at a different time can help with creativity. Feedback and collaboration can provide more ideas and also help you distinguish good and bad ideas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being Creative is like a Muscle and needs to be exercises in various ways. Just like muscles, you can plateau, and you might need a different angle of approach to get the creative juices flowing again. For me, this is easy to relate to. I understand right away and I am engaged.
  • Consistency. It is important to be consistent in your “creative work outs” that writing 10 ideas out is a good exercise to do every day. Also, a good way to keep your creative juices flowing daily is to do little exercises wherever you are. “out of pocket” practices you might say, like writing idea on napkins. Basically, just make the decision to be a little creative every day.
  • Information in equals information out. Detoxing from social media, electronics, technology is an awesome way to create mental space for creativity to arise into. I loved this point. Getting away from laptops, cell phones, facebook is a great way to become more clear headed. I think being clear headed is necessary to allow creativity to flow.

“To emphasize the importance of minimalism, we were instructed to write poems with our non-dominant hand. What happens when you do this is you get so frustrated by how slow (and sloppy) you are writing that you actually subconsciously delete words for the sake of getting to the heart of what you actually want to say.”


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