23 Follow-Up Sales Email Templates to Send Instead of “Just Checking In”

The phrase “just checking in” has become so trite in follow-up sales emails that it rarely garners a response. More effective strategies include offering a specific action item with phrases like “I thought I’d share a quick tip,” offering a longer how-to guide and a face-to-face meeting to explain it, or pointing out a specific need that the salesperson’s product can directly address. Social media strategies can also be useful, such as responding to a blog post or tweet with information about a relevant product or service.

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow up sales calls can be the difference between a one time and repeat customer.
  • Customized emails can be much more effective than a generic template sent to customers.
  • Calling attention to a competitor and how they want to address it is a good way to engage the customer.

“Salespeople shouldn’t send “just checking in” emails for one very simple reason: They don’t work.”

Read more: https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/follow-up-sales-email-templates-instead-checking-in

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