28 Small Talk Conversation Starters For Those Awkward Moments

There are 28 small talk conversation starters for those awkward moments you experience in life. We have all experienced moments where we do not know what to say and our minds search for what we need, but there is nothing in there. Luckily, one person has put together a useful list that you can bring with you to those situations and have success. It is tough to begin a conversation sometimes, but there is help out there.

Key Takeaways:

  • Those moments always used to catch me out too. How do you break the ice without it sounding forced or fake?
  • You know when you’re at a networking event and you have to queue to get a coffee and you think you should say something to the person next to you but you don’t know what?
  • Or you’re picking up a vendor from reception and you’ve got 3 minutes to fill before you reach the meeting room where the proper talk can begin?

“I’ve put together 28 small talk conversation starters to get you through those difficult pauses.”

Read more: https://www.girlsguidetopm.com/28-conversation-starters-freebie/

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