3 Kinds of Websites That Need a Totally Different Mobile Strategy

There are three different types of problems that mobile designers keep running into and the author breaks down those three types and their pitfalls. Mobile designers are rushing through to finish their products, but at what cost for the consumer. Eventually they will get frustrated and click off the site because they are frustrated. The author recommends taking your time to build the content, so as not to frustrate the mobile user, which is why he says that one-click signups have become so popular.

Key Takeaways:

  • Readers will leave a site quickly if they do not find quick benefits to remain.
  • Less is more with a webpage, which is especially difficult for companies that have a lot of different services.
  • Designing the right customer process should be fast and easy to for them to input information.

“As it’s been said 100 times before, poor UX can lead to an abandoned user quicker than it took you to read this sentence.”

Read more: https://www.inc.com/andrew-medal/3-kinds-of-websites-that-need-a-totally-different-mobile-strategy.html

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