3 Reasons Why You Need To Address Poor Performers Quickly

Are individual members of your team performing less well than you’d hoped? If so, this proverb can take on great significance. To figure out what’s causing the performance issue, you have to get to the root of the problem. But because employee performance affects organizational performance, we tend to want to look for a quick fix. Would a training course help Ted? Or should you move him into a different role? These types of solutions focus largely on the ability of the person performing the job. Performance, though, is a function of both ability and motivation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Poor performers can have a lasting impact on your team if not appropriately addressed by the team leader.
  • It is a leader’s responsibility to offer enough opportunities to a poor performer, and to also provide the necessary training and tools to accomplish the task at hand.
  • The handling of a poor performer in the correct manner can lead to success out that person, or new opportunities for the next person, while also enhancing the leader’s reputation within the team

“Leaders who just let poor performance continue with no attempt to address it are often perceived as weak leaders, and that’s not a good reputation to be building for yourself, especially if you’re a new leader.”

Read more: https://www.inc.com/gordon-tredgold/3-reasons-why-you-need-to-address-poor-performers-.html

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