3 Things Your Best Employees Always Do When They Work From Home

If you work from home or have employees that do there are some things to improve how well you do. If you are on the phone try to walk around a bit. If you are at your desk take walk about breaks. It keeps your energy up and keeps you sounding interested. If you can do a video conference, it keeps you more accountable. Schedule in breaks where you get up, walk, have a snack, or do some stretches.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being in a different space can make a difference for brains that start tuning out from routine and sameness.
  • Even if I’m not going to video conference with anyone that day, dressing in business casual attire can make a difference for my level of engagement.
  • After a while we can start feeling disconnected and isolated.

“I took a lesson from my kid’s elementary school schedule and make sure I break up the day 2 recesses and a lunch break.”

Read more: https://www.inc.com/quora/3-things-your-best-employees-always-do-when-they-work-from-home.html

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