The 4 Hour Life

Today we have a bit of a different type of post for you…it comes to us from a weightlifting podcast that puts out all sorts of interviews weekly on issues pertaining to weightlifting, nutrition, and conditioning.

Now, before you think you have arrived at the wrong site…take a moment to look at who they welcome today:

Tim Ferriss of “4-Hour” fame…he’s written books on the 4-Hour Workweek (a must read for all of you), the 4-Hour Body, and the 4-Hour Chef. Each of these are highly recommended for leaders just like you…CEOs who are leading companies and have people following them.

Well, one aspect of being a CEO is being innovative and progressive. Learning to push the envelope and the edge to the next level is always something you are aware of in your industry.

So, this brings us to today’s podcast discussion. Yes, they talk about some aspects of competing and fitness…but it’s done through the lens of Tim Ferriss, and this is why it’s a must listen.

Learn how to experiment, on yourself and for the sake of progress, and push that envelope all the way. This is a fascinating and fun discussion, that has application in a lot of different ways…


Watch: Barbell Shrugged Interviews Tim Ferriss


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