4 Idea-Killing Phrases to Avoid When Making a Suggestion

Suggestions are vital in any business or marketing team. Saying the wrong phrase or even using the wrong words however can lead to your peers and employers automatically rejecting your idea before they even hear it. You should always start off your idea with affirmation. Let your peers know that you are confident that your idea will work. If you don’t believe in it, they won’t. Also never suggest that an idea might NOT work. If you do have an idea that you think might not work, do not say this in the pitch. Be confident in your ideas and present them with such confidence.

Key Takeaways:

  • The correct wording for a suggestion goes a long way
  • There are four phrases to avoid, for example, “I wonder if”
  • Not only is wording important for a suggestion, but so is having self-confidence

“there are a few credibility-killing phrases that we all frequently lean on that could send your suggestion into a total nosedive before you even have the chance to spit the entire thing out.”

Read more: https://www.inc.com/kat-boogaard/4-idea-killing-phrases-to-avoid-when-making-a-suggestion.html

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