5 Classic Personality Types in Business and How to Work With Each

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You can better understand the people you work with if you observe their body build and more importantly their personality type. There are 5 main personality types and it is helpful to use these as a guide to classify the people around you. For example, the “Perfectionist” type of person needs to be guided to completion of tasks because they can become obsessed with details. Commitment, Sensitivity, Love and Spirituality are the others so use this tool to better understand your coworkers and you will better succeed at your job.

Key Takeaways:

  • Five classic types of personality founded by Wilhelm Reich He identified the body builds of these five types first and also identified the personality types
  • Spirituality type – As if you are in another world and always on a spiritual level Love type – type is all about having heartfelt, meaningful, and loving connections with people Sensitivity Type – body tends to be overweight and big, and seemingly pinched off at the neck and in the pelvis
  • Commitment type – not trusting others, like to be in control and make great salespeople and managers Perfection type – great organizers, pays attention to detail and professional

“It’s best to be more soft-spoken and meet them where their mind is. Conversations do well to remain intellectual, conceptual, and non-aggressive. People who primarily demonstrate the Spirituality Type make great computer programmers, bookkeepers, or other occupations where they’re cloistered away at a desk with minimal client or customer contact.”


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