Need to Learn How to Lead? Just Google It?

Leading Blog brings us a new post today on 5 things we can learn from the leadership stylings of Google. For a long time now, Google has been recognized as one of the trendsetters in the area of technology development as well as in workplace culture and stylings.

It’s this second one that we want to focus on, for here we will find some interesting and applicable advice for our own workspace and habits.

Consider such:


1  Offices should be designed to maximize energy and interactions, not for isolation and status. Smart creatives thrive on interacting with each other. The mixture you get when you cram them together is combustible, so a top priority must be to keep them crowded.


I think for many of us we look at this issue of isolation as a marker of success and status. We have the big office, set aside from everybody else. But this simply breaks down the relationship and community that makes our businesses special. We want to foster communication with one another, not limit it.

They give 4 other things that can be learned from google’s style of leadership that are well-worth your time to read. You’ll read about hippos (seriously, hippos) and Venn diagrams. But I promised you, it will be a good and helpful read.


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