5 Powerful Habits of the Wealthiest Salespeople

Super rich sales people tend to bring in commissions leading to six and seven figures on a regular basis. There’s a difference between being a good sales person and a great sales person and no matter what industry sales person is in, there are five habits that the most wealthy of the sales people in any field have. They focus on the quality and not quantity. If you want to improve your sales, this is the article you want to read.

Key Takeaways:

  • The highest earners in sales understand that the effective pitch is always aimed at the decision-maker, not at mid-level management.
  • To maximize their time input and sales quotient, great sales people make bigger sales, not more sales.
  • Those that do well earning a living through sales concentrate on sales, outsourcing all the other busywork.

“Take Phil for example. Phil is a salesperson at an insurance company. He earns $700,000 per year in commissions. He does this in an organization where the average salesperson earns $75,000 per year. Phil not only out-earned every other salesperson in his company last year; he also out-earned the CEO. That’s what I call a wealthy salesperson.”

Read more: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/292006

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