5 Questions Leaders Should Be Asking All the Time

An online version of a university business school journal has an opinion piece written by the dean of the education division. The writer repeats a speech he gave at an education school commencement about five questions a good teacher should ask her students. He believes the questions are just as applicable to business leaders. The questions cover matters such as purpose, waiting, and alternatives. The piece is illustrated with a photo, and contains a brief biography of the writer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Oftentimes leaders show leadership by asking the right questions instead of jumping to conclusions with limited information.
  • Asking questions such as “Wait. What are we here to discuss?” and “I wonder why …?” or “I wonder if …?” are intended to expand the discussion and open dialog.
  • Other probing questions such as “How can I help?” “Couldn’t we at least…” and “What truly matters” are designed to focus on the purpose of problem resolution.

“Leaders (as well as their employees) need to be able to ask colleagues and direct reports to slow down and explain in more detail what is being proposed, especially if something doesn’t quite sound right or seems too easy to be a lasting solution.”

Read more: https://hbr.org/2017/04/5-questions-leaders-should-be-asking-all-the-time

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