5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Leading a Discussion Group

When considering leading a discussion group, there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself first. Namely, how many people should you include in your group? What’s the best way to keep everybody engaged in the discussion? How much talking should you do as the group moderator? What is the primary function of a moderator? What preparations should be made? A good discussion group leader won’t jump into the role without first giving it some thought and research. Your discussion group could be as small as three or four members without running out of different opinions or ideas, and as many as eight to ten people could be in one group without having so many voices that not everybody will be heard. Not every group member will be as outspoken as the others. Keeping everybody participating is key to being a good moderator, and the more reserved members may need to be persuaded into adding their thoughts. A moderator should facilitate good conversation without ever dominating it, keep that in mind as that is the moderator’s main job and also advice on how much a moderator should be talking. Continued research and practice will have you prepared to moderate your own group discussion in no time.

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