The Importance of Prioritization in the Digital Age


With a stream of social media and email notifications flowing endlessly to our smart phones, tablets and laptops, it’s harder than ever to gauge how to properly prioritize your daily agenda. And it seems that even trying to keep up with the endless parade of comments, updates and pings that play a central role in 21st-century business can devour your day with intimidating speed.

While the flood of information we are now inundated with can be overwhelming, by carving out a few inviolate standards and practices, you can effectively project manage without getting lost in the digital shuffle.

As this insightful Project Management Tips article notes, the first step to getting your priorities in order is to understand your limitations. The reality is there only 24 hours in a day and if you try to work every one of those hours, you’ll quickly find yourself completely burnout.

You need to re-adjust your expectations of the form a set of benchmarks you can reliably hit. Next the piece deals with the importance of categorization. Some tasks you need to deal with immediately, others you need to deal with within the next 24 hours and only need be dealt with in the near future. Imposing that kind of organizational structure will help you get a handle on even the biggest work pile.

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