6 Celebrity Morning Rituals to Help You Kick Ass

We all get that feeling once we wake up and know that a lot will be on our plate for the day. Our first response is to want to crawl back into bed and sleep the day, and our troubles, away. However, some of the most successful people have routines they do every morning to help them tackle their tasks and jobs. It would not surprise you that most involve exercise or meditation. Tony Robbins, Oprah, Barrack Obama, and a former Navy SEAL all agree that a little bit of early morning activity, such as breathing exercises or running on a treadmill, help get your blood flowing and get you ready for the day from the get-go. Others like Steve Jobs and Tim Ferris believe small little accomplishment tasks help get your mind in the right attitude. These tasks can be as simple as making your bed or writing a small entry on a journal. The key to getting out of bed and tackling the day may vary for everyone, but the fact that some of the most successful people do some of these tricks proves their value.

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