6 Tips For Leaders To Set Smart Sales Goals

Sales leaders would do well to carefully and intentionally set goals for themselves. To know the psychology associated with goal setting is a good motivation and can help them not flounder. Understanding that goals for sales are similar to any goal helps in the ease of setting and keeping them. As always, feedback is important for the longevity of of sales goals. Know that you can control only what you can control – your own actions. Autonomy helps sales people feel in control of their own creative actions. Don’t be afraid of failure. Have a plan for when failures happen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Planning team goals is a vital part of having a successful year
  • Goal setting increases achievement and performance rates among employees backed by physiological proof.
  • If your goals are overly ambitious it is beneficial to make them more realistic and achievable

“Many sales leaders begin their task of setting goals because they’ve been told to do so, either by a superior or cultural forces at large.”


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