8 Common Myths About How to Coach People at Work

While coaching and mentoring can be beneficial and have value in the workplace, they certainly are not panaceas for all of your business challenges. First, productivity and success are about having the right team of individuals. Sometimes managers work much too hard on fixing their employees weaknesses rather than focusing on the strengths of the right individuals. It’s a myth that coaching will help unenthusiastic and stubborn poor performers. Coaching should focus on identifying and capitalizing on the strengths of the driven, motivated employees. The process of coaching is a marathon, not a sprint, and relies on the commitment of the individual to slowly improve over time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on strengths when coaching rather than weaknesses because you can make more impact strengthening good parts than ‘fixing’ bad parts.
  • Coaching people you don’t like will probably not help you like them and if they aren’t interested in being coached, it’s not worth your time
  • Coaching someone can impact other areas of their life so don’t ignore those areas and discuss things outside of work that are relevant

“Effective coaching starts with sitting with each of your team members, helping them identify their greatest strengths, and brainstorming with them about how they can capitalize on strengths.”

Read more: https://www.inc.com/martin-zwilling/8-common-myths-about-how-to-coach-people-at-work.html

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