9 Assumptions You’re Making About Your Millennial Employees That Are Dead Wrong.

The millennial generation may be the majority generation within the U.S. labor force, but that doesn’t mean their employers understand them. Too many employers embrace the same sets of common misconceptions about their young employees. For one thing, there is a tendency to treat millennials as a monolith rather than taking the time to learn about how individual millennial employees are unique. Persistent criticisms citing an alleged need for participation trophies or an inability to function in offline settings are patently untrue. Other false allegations include the claims that millennials are selfish, disloyal, unmotivated, indolent, and incapable of carrying out basic instructions or working on tasks individually.

Key Takeaways:

  • Millennials are the largest generation in the US workforce, and should not be generalized.
  • Most millennials are loyal, dedicated, ambitious workers who value personal interaction.
  • Millennial stereotypes are more rooted in myth than truth, and employers should understand this when building their teams.

“In truth, millennials stay with their employers longer than Gen X employees did at the same ages, largely due to the fact that the labor market is less fluid than it once was.”

Read more: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/300781

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