9 Things Richard Branson Says You Should Do To Be Successful And Happy

Do you desire happiness and success? These two things are desired by many men and women of all ages, and although it seems impossible to some, many know that all things are possible when you really put your mind to getting these things. Take the advice of Richard Branson, who has led a successful and happy life, and follow in his foot steps. This actor does these nine things to stay happy and complete, and so should you!

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite having a rough start in life, Sir Richard Branson lives on a Caribbean island that he bought for 180.000 dollars.
  • The billionaire mogul isn’t just hard-working, he usually looks like he’s having a great time too.
  • The workers at GOBankingRates have compiled a list of tips and life lessons for viewers, comprised of Branson’s writings.

“Despite having dyslexia and dropping out of school at 16, he managed to build the Virgin Group into an empire that controls more than 400 companies, even if one of them is no longer Virgin America airline, which was acquired by Alaska Airlines last year over his objections.”

Read more: http://www.ceo.com/entrepreneurial_ceo/9-things-richard-branson-says-you-should-do-to-be-successful-and-happy/

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