Adjusting the Vision

More than 10 years ago, Tesla Automotive set out to change the future of cars. They argued, and continue to, that electric cars are the way of the future. In the past decade they have worked hard at seeing this reality come to bear upon the conscience of the public masses. Have they been successful? It is hard to say. One thing that is true is that in the past decade society has seen a greater influx of the hybrid and all-electric vehicle.

One man who was instrumental in the beginning of that Tesla vision was co-founder Ian Wright. He shared the vision, albeit he left the company soon after it started (approximately one year later). So what became of the vision?

It’s still there…intact, though slightly adjusted in terms of its focus. Wright now works with overhauling the refuse system, and in particular the vehicles that are used in that system. You see, he believed that electric cars would be too expensive for the typical consumer. However, at a corporate level, in an industry that has definitely needed some direction and help in being energy efficient, such a vision as electric transportation could very well flourish.

You see, what Wright did was not simply abandon his vision of the future when he felt it had no foothold in consumerism. Rather, he adjusted his vision and fit it where it (he believed) would be most conducive for success.

Have you taken a look at your vision recently? Your goals? Are they in need of an adjustment? And don’t get me wrong. This is not a call to be realistic, as if your vision is so outlandish it will never work. Rather, this is a call for an adjustment of that vision…perhaps it is not outlandish at all; it may simply have to be tailored to another setting.

That’s what Ian Wright did…will you?

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