Asking the Right Questions: Interviewing Candidates

Sometimes, interviewing somebody can be an arduous task. It’s difficult coming up with unique questions that don’t sound like you read them from a Monster page or something posted on LinkedIn. In addition to that, people who are looking for jobs are looking for these same articles and trying to figure out what you’ll be asking.

Today we have an interesting interview question that will possibly throw your candidate off a bit…and it’s that throwing off that we’re interested in here. Try asking them this simple question:

What will your company think when they find out you’re leaving?

This is an interesting question because it delves into what others think of the candidate, rather than what he or she thinks of themselves.

Self-perception is very important, and getting to the heart of it is key in these interview questions. So don’t simply stick with the standard questions. Instead, take a detour and delve deeper into a person’s psychological makeup and see if they are a proper fit for your company today.

To learn more and other good interview questions, take a look at today’s article.

Read the full article here: Here’s the Tough Interview Question One Tech CEO Always Asks In Interviews

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