Becoming an Effective Manager

When it comes to the aspect of becoming an effective manager there are many different tips for this in particular. Several of these key factors to becoming an effective manager in general include being approachable, being articulate, being authentic, being honest, being consistent, being competent, being confident, being curious, as well as a few other things in particular.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many successful people get promoted into management and quickly find the pressure to be higher than anything they felt in the past.
  • As an individual contributor, it is much easier to control the outcomes of your work.
  • One key issue a manager faces is that there are always detractors within the larger organization and the smaller team.

“A real manager has the authority and responsibility to manage: financial performance (includes holding others accountable), people activities (hire, keep and grow people), and positioning/strategizing the firm or department in a way that provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

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