Being In Charge Doesn’t Make You A Leader

There is a real dichotomy between being a true leader, and simply being in charge, and this has been exemplified by Donald Trump’s recent ascension to the white house, and the cabinet picks he has put in place. Many of Trump’s cabinet members are CEO’s and are simple used to having others follow their orders. Now when being placed in a real position of leadership with the needs of decision making, it is clear that things are not going as smoothly as hoped. It is important for these cabinet members to learn and understand that all of the people in the organization are crucial to success.

Key Takeaways:

  • The White House authority is in flux as the president’s positions on issues, for example, Syria, NATO and China move course and Stephen Bannon’s part seems, by all accounts, to be decreased.
  • Regardless of whether you concur with the president’s perspective, in the event that he had more devotees, his residential arrangements would probably have been all the more precisely
  • In the event that you’ve never been a devotee, your prosperity as a pioneer isn’t as likely.

“President Donald Trump built an advisory team of mostly business leaders who are not used to following others — or in many cases, listening. Instead, they equate being in charge with leading. Decisions are either taking longer than is customary or they are pushed through without proper due diligence, resulting in many of the president’s early domestic actions backfiring.”

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