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At the heart of innovation is learning. In order to push the boundaries of industry, one must always be learning and growing. What’s one of the best ways you can do this? By reading the thoughts of others in your own industry. Reading such thoughts become a way of funneling more ideas and fuel for ideas into your own thoughts and creativity. Think of such reading as fuel for the fires of creativity. As you fuel those fires your thoughts and ideas regarding new directions for your business will broaden even further. Too often we get caught up in the day to day goings on our businesses and we completely lose track of pushing forward and upward in our industry. We must remember that we are industry leaders rather than followers. And if we are not on the cusp of innovation than the wave of our industry will soon envelope us and drag us under. So don’t get dragged low, but rather stay on top by remembering that you are a leader for a reason; you have risen to the top because of your desire to produce, to change, and to shape the industry. So fuel your minds and hearts by broadening your thought in your industry today. Read the full article here: Best Business Books 2014 Innovation

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