Bill Gates’ Top Book Recommendations For Leaders

Bill Gates recently made available a short excerpt from his forthcoming book, and in it he lists out what he believes are some of the top reads for anyone who is in the business of business. That means each of you CEOs who are leaders in your industry right now.

Taking a cue from a seasoned, industry leader like Gates is definitely a very smart move. He’s been at the forefront of his industry for a number of years, thus he’s had his finger on the pulse of what works and what doesn’t. In addition, the mistakes he has made are well-known, and he humbly admits them.

Such a leader like Gates would be one to learn from. If he finds these books instrumental and instructive for himself, then it’s a sure bet that you ought to take a look at them yourself.

What will you find? For one, he recommends the book, Business Adventures, which details as a study the company Xerox. He believes that Xerox is a company that every single CEO should study as a means of learning more about leadership and innovation.

Check out his top 5 picks to read for 2015.

Read the full article here: Bill Gates puts a chapter from his favorite biz book online for free and lists 2014’s 5 must-reads

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