If you’re a Consultant, Coach or Trainer, don’t produce another piece of content until you read this…

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The Beatles Abbey Road
Photo credit: Roger https://www.flickr.com/photos/beatlesmaniac11/

…the “in-thing” to do these days is content marketing.

Trying to produce an endless stream of content (blog posts, articles, tweets, videos, article sharing, etc) in the hopes that potentially a prospective client see this content and does business with you.

Reality is keeping up this kind of content production is tedious work.

I call it the “Hamster Wheel of Content Production”.

Also, are you tracking if this work is even effective in bringing in sales for you?

And the elephant in the room is, does anyone even read or care about the content you’re producing and sharing? (Maybe your audience is too busy trying to keep up with their own content production efforts to even notice your content).

Hey, I’m guilty of falling for this too but it hit me like a Manny Pacquiao punch to the head, that this is all wrong.

I realised I should be more like the Beatles. Maybe you should too.

Here’s what I mean:

To this day, the Beatles are still one of the most influential bands in the world.

Yet, the last full length studio album they released as a quartet was in 1970 (Let It Be) [source: Wikipedia].

However, musicians, artists, celebrities and people around the world are still discovering their music and becoming fans (almost five decades after their last album).

So, how is it that the Beatles can still be so relevant these days without having to pump out new songs and albums?

Simply put, their existing songs and albums (and compilations, box sets, etc) are assets that are regularly and constantly being re-purposed. Those songs from decades ago still get air play.

Those songs are still being sold digitally on iTunes.

You can find videos of their songs on Youtube.

Parents are sharing their love for the band with their kids passing on the love of the band to new generations.

So, instead of asking yourself “How can I keep producing a constant flow of content?”, try asking: “Am I producing content ASSET that can stand the test of time and be discovered by new audiences?”

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