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  • We start off this week with the biggest news in AI from the past week, Nvidia’s business performance: they did well…very well. $13.5 billion in revenue, $6 billion of that in profits(!!!).

    Nvidia, maker of those magical GPU chips that power AI, could be considered a proxy for the overall AI industry.

    Also, leads to answering the question of whether AI is a fad or a real long-term trend (you know where we stand on that).
  • As the initial shock and awe of AI and tools like ChatGPT start to become the norm, schools that initially reacted by immediately banning AI, are starting to warm to the idea that we all have to live AI.

    Yes, we can all just be AI-friends.
  • Remember when learning how to code and becoming a programmer (no matter what kind of job you had) was THE thing?

    Ahhhh, those were the days.

    Now, you can throw (most, maybe not all) that out the window.

    Since we now have tools like Github’s Code Pilot and now Meta’s launching Code Llama (their version of an AI-assisted code editor based upon text prompts).
  • Speaking of AI in schools and education, via EDU Fellowship, here’s 101 creative ideas to use AI in education (no, not all the ideas are about how to cheat, puh-leeez).
  • OpenAI (and other AI LLM’s) is trying to hide the fact their models were also trained on copyrighted materials, such as the Harry Potter book series.

    As AI models undergo criticism for training their models on copyrighted materials without consent.

    Oh, those AI Muggles…

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