Records are made to be broken!

Reading Time: 1 minute

It seems every year that Apple releases a new iPhone that a record is shattered. Once again, records have been broken.

What’s this mean for you? Well, I take it since you’re reading this that you are on the internet. And if you’re on the internet, then most likely some aspect (if not all) of your business is also on the internet. Whether it’s simply the face of your company (website) or actual transactions and shopping being done at your site (checkout portal), some part of it is on the ‘net.

So…if the iPhone broke records for the amount of preorders, this begs the question: Is your site ready? Is your internet site mobile optimized? Is it iPhone and Android optimized (yes, the two are different). If not, you might just be missing out on a large amount of business…because hardly anyone shops from their laptops anymore. It’s all on the phone. In fact, I just typed this very entry on my phone.

So have a look at your site and make sure it’s optimized today, because tomorrow over 4 million plus new iPhone 6 users maybe looking for you.

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