Two AI’s Walk Into a Bar…

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…ok, so there’s no punchline to this, I just had to take this editorial liberty with the amount of AI news and back-and-forth moves by all the big players. On to the AI news!


  • Google announced their AI integration with their Google Workspace suite of apps (although no definitive access date)…
  • …Microsoft proceeded to one-up Google (again) with their announcement of their AI integration into the Office 365 suite, called 365 CoPilot.
  • In any case, once the AI tools are widely available, it’s going to bring another level to the description “productivity suite”. Truly cannot wait for this.
  • Apple has been relatively quiet on the AI front, but they’ve been “quietly” working on this.
  • Midjourney (my favourite of all the generative image AI’s) announced v5 is already out in the wild. Just look at some of the visuals it’s producing.
  • Oh and of course, GPT4 was launched (but you probably already knew that). Curious about all the fuss about GPT4? Watch this.

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