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With so much trouble in the world today it is to no surprise that we manufacture more than we ever need just to turn around and waste food, reusable goods, and electronics that hold metals that can be salvaged and reused. A study shows that creating a great workplace culture can help push or steer people into making more economically and environmentally friendly decisions in the workplace with the help of a great leader.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your perception shapes your thinking and can release available energy or deny potential and close the door
  • there is a well of untapped innate intelligence that, when awareness and action are applied, can tackle any challenge, large or small, personal, professional, societal or global.
  • The worldview of how to conduct business that makes a positive contribution to societal and planetary well-being is transforming.

“Humungous planetary and social issues are propelling business smack into a collision course where seeing systems is a requirement, not optional.”

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