We Can All Learn From Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa is one of the most iconic figures in all of movie entertainment. Sylvester Stallone brought his alter ego to life back in the ’70s, and he has revisited this character more times than anyone else he has ever played.

Rocky’s story is one of humble beginnings…of clawing your way up from the bottom and earning every dime and penny you have. It’s a blood and guts story with a “can-do” spirit; it’s all heart.

In many ways, it sounds very much like a lot of the leadership stories we here from start up companies, small businesses, and even CEO leaders. With a story that is so similar, I’m sure there is plenty for us to learn from it. Well, today we have that in the form of 4 things that Rocky has taught us all over the years.

What’s one lesson we learn? How about, never quit. You may want to…you may want to go down for the count. But at the same time, deep down inside, there’s a voice that tells you to just make it one more round. That’s the voice you need to listen to…



Take a look at today’s articles for 3 more things you can learn from “Mr. Balboa.” And the next time you are in the “ring,” wanting to go down…just let that anthem music play in your ears. Trust me, it will get you swinging again.

Read the full article here: 4 Motivational Lessons Rocky Balboa Can Teach You

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