The New Age of Capitalism

Management Xchange recently held a challenge on new innovations regarding capitalism. Winners have been announced, and its worth checking out. Capitalism is the very core of our existence in commerce and leadership. And to rethink what it is, how it integrates into the very core of our company, what we are working towards and pushing for…such thoughts become instrumental to our world of thought and new age of business.

The article cited goes through and lists out the various winners, detailing their contributions to the contest. I think it’s somewhat inspirational to read through such thoughts and spend time considering what they are pushing for.

For example, take the following advice:

Don’t just launch an initiative—embed the ethos in the DNA of the organization. Several of the winning stories demonstrate the power of true management innovation—they go beyond a single initiative, product, service, or program to embed a new set of values (and a new approach to defining value) deeply into core management processes and mindsets. With its approach to “considered design” Nike has awoken its entire workforce to the ethos of “growth that’s good for all” in their day-to-day behaviors and decisions. The athletic apparel giant has also engaged a broad base of partners (and competitors) in innovation toward that goal. Another global retail giant, The Coca-Cola Company, has been celebrated for its water stewardship initiative. Greg Koch tells the story of how plant managers around the world have absorbed their connection to the communities in which they do business—and work hard to earn the “social license” to operate.

The article as a whole is fascinating and contains within it the germ, or spore, for fresh life on thoughts regarding capitalism. Take a look today.

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