Bridging the Gap

A fascinating read on the gap between CEO pay and your average worker. In it researchers have noted the huge discrepancy between CEO and worker, and the effect this has on the overall workplace.

Part of their findings:

  • The actual CEO-to-worker compensation ratio at US-based companies in the Fortune 500 is 354. That’s right: On average, Fortune 500 CEOs earn 354 times what unskilled workers at their companies do. In actual numbers, the average CEO compensation is $12,259,894, compared to $34,645 for the worker.

What does it all mean for today’s leaders and entrepreneuers? From my perspective, these numbers present a clear opportunity to differentiate yourself–specifically, to brand your company as a leader in progressive compensation practices.

Notice where the author of the article is going with these numbers: this is an opportunity to differentiate oneself as a CEO of a different type; a CEO who is progressive in nature and who will lead with the people, in the midst of them rather than far and away from them. Clearly this is a shift in the type of thinking that goes in to what we call a CEO. By no means is it traditional. Rather, it is pushing the envelope and entering into a new avenue of leadership. Perhaps it is this avenue of leadership that we are so in need of today.

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