Collaborate and Listen!

Perhaps Vanilla Ice was on to something years ago. The creative process is a collaborative process. The same is true in business: collaboration drives imagination and builds innovation. In a recent article, we learn just how much collaboration can aid a business.

Collaboration is essential for long-term innovation. Working together and sharing information enables employees to draw on expertise from the entire organization, avoid costly mistakes, and ultimately achieve a collective goal.

But how can you, as a leader, build an environment of collaboration amongst workers? The above article helps with that very issue by giving you 11 things you can implement today to build a collaboration team.

Take the following as advice,

Identify and include dissenters. Find employees with new perspectives and get them involved in creating better solutions. To achieve this, Southwest Airlines gathered workers from its in-flight, ground, maintenance, and dispatch operations for a cross-discipline brainstorm. Over a six-month period, teams met for 10 hours each week to figure out the highest-impact changes that could be made to its aircraft operations. Of the 100 ideas generated and ultimately sent to senior management for review, three resulted in sweeping operational changes. One solution dramatically reduces the number of aircraft “swaps,” which are disruptive events that occur when one aircraft has to be substituted for another during mechanical problems. Results like this are possible when employees who aren’t the usual suspects are included in the problem-solving process.

Take a look today at this article and discover the 10 other ways of building up that collaboration today.



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