When It Comes to Employee Engagement, Think like a Dane


Every year, US companies lose over $550 billion to the inefficiencies caused by employee disengagement. To put that number in perspective, Google’s current market capitalization is only $330 billion. As such, CEOs need to make employee engagement and job satisfaction one of their ongoing priorities if they want their companies to survive in today’s ultracompetitive marketplace.

A recent Entrepreneur article took a look at how US leaders can keep their teams engaged and happy by looking at the way business is done in Denmark, the country various studies have found to have the world’s happiest workers.

Right off the top, it’s recommended that you make regular time off not just part of your benefits package, but a mandatory requirement of employment with your company. While industriousness has long been one of the most admired aspects of the American character, a lack of vacations has been found to breed dissatisfaction, disengagement and eventual burnout .As opposed to the US, most Danish companies offer their employees five weeks of mandatory vacation, and consequently the enjoy a higher level of job satisfaction and productivity.

Another important measure in maintaining a high level of employee engagement and satisfaction to hire managers who possess a high level of emotional intelligence. A number of Danish companies have made conscientious management one of their core corporate values and their retention rates and employee satisfaction numbers reflect it.

Read the full article here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/273968

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