When It Comes to Giving a Sales Presentation, Always Mind the Gap


In a post-Shark Tank world, it’s now easy to find terabytes of information on how to give a can’t miss, guaranteed to succeed sales presentation. Their entire books dedicated how to use neurolinguistic programming techniques, precisely deployed micro-expressions and in the comparative values of wearing a yellow tie is a red tie in order to land an investor or customer’s trust.

However, all the color theory and body language tricks aside, the key to delivering successfully is the same now as it was 1,000 years ago. You have to articulate the existence of a current problem, convey to the customer how important it is to solve the problem and explain why your product is the ideal solution to the problem.

This Brian Tracy blog post distills that methodology down into a three-step process called gap analysis. The first step involves clarifying the problem or gap that exists. This should be a substantial need that exists in the market, but is not currently being adequately addressed.

The next step is to cultivate your potential customers desire to fill this gap in equal proportion to understanding of the issue. It’s important at this point in the process not to inundate the other party with statistics that will only serve to obscure the issue. In the last step is bring it all home by uncovering how the problem specifically affects the customer for your product and constructing a satisfaction narrative they can realize by buying into your solution.

Read the full article here: http://www.briantracy.com/blog/sales-success/sales-success-gap-analysis/

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