What customers want in this day and age…

Harvard Business Review reports today that more banks are closing than ever before. Brick and Mortar is going the way of minecraft in a digital age. Instead of the physical edifice, people are now doing more online banking than every before.

But an interesting entity that’s bucking this trend is Chase Bank, J.P. Morgan’s trendsetting banking institution. What trend did they set, mind you? That of digital banking, and yet since 2010 they have opened up 600 more branches.

Why would they do this when they obviously have thrown their hat in with the digital kids?

Because they know that consumers not only want the digital experience, but also the face-to-face comfort that only comes from a brick and mortar institution.

Do you know what your customers want today? Are you providing for them innovation, but also comfort?

Let us remember, that no matter what industry we find ourselves in, as we innovate we must also comfort…we must bring our customers on the road with us. Change is good…but change that is too quick can oftentimes be frightening. So change, innovate, and comfort.

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