Is it really worth the switch?

That’s what people, and more specifically android users, will be asking in the days to come. Is it really worth switching over to an iPhone just because it’s sparkly and new?

Bloomberg Businessweek says no. Why?

Because of the support system one inevitably builds up when using a smart phone. No one ever stays complacent with the resident apps on a smart phone. The phone is but the beginning of an investment. Soon enough people are on the app store downloading to their heart’s content. Now that they have a sparkly new phone they are going to make the best of it by developing its support system.

Do you have a support system in place when people begin investing in your services? Are you locking them down with innovation and service, so much so that they would have a hard time tearing themselves away from you and switching to a competitor?

Are you forcing them to ask themselves, “Is it really worth the switch?”

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