Are you seeing with rose-colored glasses?

A fascinating report comes via today regarding a survey that online educator Udemy put forward. Apparently, it appears as if Americans by and large believe they are in fact over qualified for the positions they hold in their job market.

Though the results seem to sway towards males believing this in general, female Americans were not far behind. This fuels the concept that Americans believe the problem is “not us, but rather them” when it comes to issues at the job.

Well, what are we to think about this? Perhaps a bit of scrutinization and self-assessment is to be had here. Is it really true? Is this a product of American hubris, or perhaps the lack of a thorough-going employee assessment program?

If we are to grow as business leaders, then we need to bring our employees with us. As we develop and push the boundaries of innovation, we must bring them to develop and push those same boundaries. This will not happen if we do not have a thorough-going review program by which they can be shown how to achieve and given the proper tools to make that proposed achievement a reality.

So as we assess ourselves, let us also assess our structures in place. Are they conducive to the growth and development of our workplace as well as the employees who work there? Or are we simply seeing with rose-colored glasses?

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