Are You Following Your Dreams? Well, How’s that Working Out For You?

We’ve all heard that mantra before: “Just follow your dreams, and you’ll be happy!” Ummm…is that true?

FastCompany has an interesting post for us where they examine this saying and it’s “trustworthiness.” What do they find? Hmm…may not be all that trustworthy.

What’s the problem with it? Hear them out:

That said, a pure focus on the dream is actually likely to end in failure. That’s because obstacles cannot be overcome just through a commitment to the goal.

So are you anticipating the obstacles that may come, and are you planning a way around them. The article notes two types of obstacles before people: Resource problems and temptations. We all have a shortage of resources when it comes to the aims we are setting about to obtain. So what will we do when we hit up against them? Do we have a plan in place?

And what about those dreaded temptations…we are a people with a short and selective memory. So easily dis…hey, what’s that over there?

Take a look at today’s article and see how it may help you to follow your dreams and make them a reality.

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