Daily Habits – Journaling

Forming daily habits is a great way to keep on top of things and continue to drive yourself as a CEO and mentor. We’ve talked about such habits in the past, and we know how important they are to your overall development.

One such habit is that of journaling. Journaling is a great way to not only order your day, but to also conquer it.

Many people simply think of journaling as something akin to keeping a diary. But journaling is far more than just this. Journaling is a way of organizing your thoughts and ideas before the day has even begun.

In this sense, what you end up doing is tackling everything that is about to be thrown on you before the day has even started. You can visualize and even verbalize your thoughts and put them into logical ordering. You see, that’s what writing does. It helps us to take the jumble that may be present in our minds and put them into a cohesive, logical ordering.

Such a logical ordering will truly help you with your day far beyond your imagining. Take journaling to the next level and see how it can help you on the daily as you run your company.


Read the full article here: Kick off your daily journaling habit

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